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Jewel tech, dazzling your tech

Technology is a firm part of our everyday lives. Many of us feel compelled to take it with us wherever we go, and smartphones are considered must-have fashion accessories in their own right.

However, if you feel the need to jazz up your technology, there are plenty of choices available, such as:

Jewel-encrusted phone cases – if you’ve invested in an expensive smartphone, it makes sense to keep it in a carrying case to lower the risk of damage. And you don’t need to settle for a dull, sensible-looking case. They come set with a range of stones, including diamonds and diamante.

Phone charms – they aren’t strictly jewellery, but they’ll certainly liven up the look of your phone and there are plenty of charms to choose from.

Headphones – again, these aren’t jewellery, but they are tech-related and a must for listening to music on the go. Jewel-based headphones come in several designs, and if you want something that will jazz up your phone, why not consider rose gold headphones?

Earphone jacks – attractive and practical, earphone jacks are designed for phones, tablets and other portable devices. Their primary purpose is to keep dust from accumulating, thus protecting the LCD screen from possible damage.

Combining tech with jewellery – smart jewellery has become one of the latest trends. These wearables serve several purposes, from helping people to get more exercise to receiving email and phone notifications without carrying a phone – and they look pretty good, too.


The latest technology is a necessity these days – but it can sometimes be livened up. If you want to jazz up your tech, there are plenty of shop-brought accessories to make tech products that little bit more appealing to the eye and to help brighten your day.

However, if you are want something different to regular charms or earphone jacks, why not ask the experts at Diamonds by Design today?

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