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Is there such a thing as phone-paired smart-jewellery?

There is one thing most people consider themselves short of these days: time. Our busy lifestyles can make us feel that there isn’t enough time to do everything and leave us stressed and irritable.

However, smart technology and accessories like jewellery enable us to get more done on the go.

One of the most significant developments is the ability to match smart jewellery with our phones, thus transforming the way we live.

Which companies have been leading the way when it comes to creating phone-paired smart-jewellery? Read on to find out more:

Netatmo – The company has launched a smart bracelet that works alongside your smart phone to tell you the amount of UV rays your skin is being exposed to – essential today with the rising rates of skin cancer.

The bracelet uses Bluetooth technology to link up to your phone, and it can be worn as a brooch too.

Ringly – this is another innovation in wearable tech. As the name suggests, it’s a ring that allows the wearer to receive messages such as emails and texts from their smartphone.

You hook up the ring to your smartphone and then you can decide which messages to receive or ignore.

Miragii – available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver flower, the Miragii necklace can be teamed with your smartphone to receive notifications.

Also, the unique pendant allows messages to be read from your hand – and you can listen to music on the go.

Safer Smart pendant – the pendant looks like a regular piece of jewellery, but it has been designed with safety in mind.
Safer is ideal for the traveller and anyone who wants to send updates about their location – or needs to send out an alert for help.


The above jewellery innovations can be paired with your smart phone to bring more order and organisation to your life.

This type of wearable tech is ideal for the way we live nowadays, and far more convenient than having to take your smart phone wherever you go.

For a piece of jewellery that reflects your personality and that suits your lifestyle and tastes, call Diamonds by Design today.

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