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I bet you never thought of putting diamonds there!

When it comes to wearing diamonds, people usually think of the more traditional forms of jewellery such as rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, however, the diamond is suitable for adorning other areas of the body as well and depending on where you choose to wear your diamond, it can create a stunning effect for everyone to see.

Here are some suggestions by Diamonds by Design for alternative places to wear your diamonds.


Hair pins and clips and hair pieces come in a huge variety of stunning designs and they are perfect for creating a show stopping look; while they aren’t suitable for an everyday look, unless you opt for something really subtle, they are perfect for putting the finishing touches to wedding dresses, a bridesmaid outfit or for special occasions when you want an easy-to-achieve glamorous appearance that is sure to get you noticed.

Belly button

If you’re brave enough to get your belly button pierced, you might want to consider a diamond belly button ring for some added appeal. There are numerous designs to choose from such as hearts, butterflies and flowers, or perhaps consider a bespoke piece that will be a perfect reflection for your personality.

Toe rings

Wearing a diamond on your toe might not seem like the most obvious place, but these rings are proving to be incredibly popular. If you’re considering buying a diamond toe ring, make sure that it is adjustable so it is suitable for your toe size.

If your toe ring is made from gold, be careful not to put it on after using body care products as this can cause gold to tarnish; if your toe ring does tarnish over time, a polishing cloth or a silversmith polish will be ideal for giving your toe ring back its sparkle.

Ankle bracelet

They might not be quite as popular as they once were, however, ankle bracelets can look incredibly dainty and they are an excellent for summer wear. Choose gold or silver with clear stones, or select one with different coloured stones to really catch the eye. If you are having an anklet created for you by a gemmologist, you can choose the gem that reflects your birth month, or opt for your favourite colours.

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