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How to prepare your jewellery for sale

Preparing your jewellery for sale properly may make all the difference to the final price. If you have decided it is time to part with some of your jewellery, follow these steps to get it ready:

Have your jewellery appraised

Start by having the jewellery appraised so that you know its value and condition. The gemmologist valuing your jewellery will also be able to give a considered opinion on whether it needs repair or restoration.

Have your jewelry repaired or restored

Ageing jewelry usually needs at least some degree of repair or restoration. Common repairs include replacing lost stones and mending chains and prongs, or the piece may need restoring to its original colour. An experienced gemmologist can tell if you if this is worthwhile in terms of the cost, and the value it will add to your piece.

Be realistic about pricing

While a piece of jewellery may hold great sentimental value for you, prepare yourself for the fact dealers won’t pay you the full value as they need to make a profit. You also need to consider the factors that influence pricing, such as collectible value, condition, fashion and desirability.

Find the paperwork

If you have receipts to prove what was originally paid or certificates to prove authenticity, find them before the sale. The original value won’t always have a bearing on current prices, but if you are re-selling online it is helpful to provide original invoices.

Clean your jewellery

Clean your jewellery to make it look its best. You can use a soft toothbrush and soap or toothpaste and then rinse carefully, but this won’t be suitable for every stone or metal. It is usually preferable to have your jewellery professionally cleaned.


Selling your jewellery can be a difficult decision, but by seeking an appraisal first you’ll have a realistic expectation of what it is worth. After that, you can decide whether you really do want to part with it.

For all appraisals a valuations contact Diamonds by Design.

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