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A Teenager’s Christmas wish list

Christmas Jewellery Australia

I thought it might be a good idea to go around canvassing kids over the past week or so to see what they really admire and would like to own and to wear themselves. And there is no doubt in their replies, which are prompt and much the same: the answer seems to be nothing very expensive and nothing very heavy — but lots of small, pretty pieces, layered and stacked. And, I fear, quite fragile pieces — rather easy to lose and to break. They definitely go for plain gold and silver rather than stone-set — and pearls, even small pearl stud earrings, are considered too formal although a small ear stud with a diamond or coloured stone would be welcome. Jewellery to go with everything all the time, not to have to change with different outfits or on different occasions.


Earrings certainly come top of the wish list — to fit several ear piercings, differently placed on each ear although with one symmetrical main hole in both — studs and fine hoops, intricately worked or plain, and ear cuffs.


Rings come next — lots of rings, possibly stacked up, on any or even every finger. They should be mainly of delicate design, but preferably surrounding a more substantial ring, perhaps with a stone, that stands out from the rest.


Then necklaces — many of them — to be worn in layers, flimsy graceful chains with various links and of different lengths, perhaps some with a single small pendant which carries some meaning or association, or a disc or bar with initials or a name engraved on it.


Bracelets should also be dainty and elegant and plentiful and worn in layers, but without charms, which are apparently annoying, but maybe a slim bangle too among them.


Piercings through nose and lip are also still popular, and the jewellery for those is usually made of surgical grade stainless steel for the sake of sterility and safety.

One of a pair

One cheering thing — if you have several asymmetrical holes in your earlobes it matters rather less if you lose one of a pair of earrings! You will tend to wear different ones anyhow.

Youth is the gift of nature

Whatever you decide on, visit Karen at Diamonds by Design. She’ll make sure that the beloved teenager in your life is not disappointed.

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