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Another hot trend — two-finger rings

There is something so incredibly elegant about a two-finger ring. If you haven’t seen them, they usually come in one of two styles.

The first is like a thin bejewelled snake that has wrapped itself around your fingers. This attracts every eye in the room. A simple band of silver that can be accented with different stones gives a feeling of continuity and elegance.

It is the graceful way the band curves around your fingers that makes the two-finger ring so enticing. It’s also fabulous without losing functionality. It doesn’t inhibit finger movement and feels just like just wearing two separate rings.

There is also the ‘floating gem’ style, which makes the stones the star of the show as the supporting band nestles on the inside of your hand while a thin circlet holds the different gems on the front of your fingers. This is a subtler touch that adds class and chic to any ensemble.

If you want to try something different, then try on a two-finger ring. There may even be an emerging trend of two-finger rings for weddings and engagements, one representing the engagement and the other the union. Jewellery design is really only limited by your imagination.

Go out and see what two-finger rings your local Sydney designers are creating.

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