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History of wedding bands

Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment, devotion and love, and they have been with us in varying forms throughout the centuries. There are many theories as to their origins, but it is safe to say they play a significant role in our history.

The Egyptian Era

It is widely believed by some that wedding rings first evolved from ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt they would use materials such as rushes and papyrus. These materials would be carefully crafted into bands and worn on the woman’s finger.

The circle is said to represent eternity and the centre of the ring was also believed to be sign a gateway into a new life. Later, these symbols of love would evolve, and stronger, more durable materials like leather and ivory were introduced.

The Romans

The Romans were the first to start adding engravings to their wedding rings. Initially, the engravings consisted of a pair of hands linked together, which is known as the Fede, but this soon evolved to depict the faces of the wedded couple. The Fede rings gained in popularity and they became commonplace throughout Europe.

The 15th Century

In the 15th century a new trend would develop. The posy ring was introduced and it would include lines of poetry inscribed into it. The inscriptions changed over time, and the engravings would include quotes that were personal to the couple who were due to be wed.

World War II

It was during World War II that the first wedding rings were introduced for men. The main intention was for the rings to be worn while they were away at war. These rings served as a reminder of the wives who were left at home, and eventually this trend would cross over into everyday life.

From the Egyptian era to World War II, the wedding ring has constantly evolved, but one thing remains the same: the wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and everlasting love. They are an important part of both our history and tradition, and few people realise that it was back in the Roman times that inscriptions were first introduced.

If you need advice on creating an inscription, or you are looking for an expert to create a bespoke ring that fuses ideas from both past and present, contact a gemmologist who will be only too pleased to help.

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