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Guilt-Free Jewellery

We all like to give ourselves an occasional treat, but sometimes our conscience just won’t let us. This is especially true when we are making purchases like jewellery. Some of us are concerned about the price, while others are more worried about where it comes from or whether it is a worthwhile investment.

This article will help you lay those worries to rest so you can enjoy your jewellery guilt free.


Problem: You’re concerned over the traceability/sustainability of the jewellery.

Solution: Buy from a professional jeweller.

By buying from a well-established jeweller with a good reputation, you can find out where they source their products and whether these sources are sustainable.

You can also ensure that expensive gems like diamonds are conflict free and, if you are worried about traceability, you can speak to the storeowner or gemmologist, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

You’re not sure if you can justify spending money on jewellery

Problem: you have some money to spend on jewellery, but you’re not sure if you can justify the cost.

Solution: Buy an investment piece.

Some people don’t buy jewellery because they think it’s too expensive. However, if you think of it as an investment then you can justify the price more easily. If you pay for a unique bespoke piece, it’s more likely to rise in value over time, because diamonds and precious coloured stones tend to go up. However, if you buy a regular, mass-produced piece, it’s likely to depreciate as soon as you’ve purchased it, just like a car you drive out of the showroom.

Money worries

Problem: You have a limited budget.

Solution: Buy vintage, second-hand or revamp an old piece.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on jewellery, but you still want to treat yourself, consider buying a second-hand piece so you stay within budget. Visit garage sales, online classifieds and online auctions or even specialist auctions for bargains. If you don’t like a piece of jewellery as a whole, look for interesting gems and settings, which could be remade.

Alternatively, if there is a particular celebrity style you would like to emulate, but your budget won’t stretch quite that far, ask a gemmologist to create something similar that does match your spending power.

Don’t let a limited budget, concerns over whether you can justify buying an item of jewellery or worries over sustainability/traceability stop you from enjoying the piece of jewellery you’ve always wanted. Enjoy your jewellery guilt free, and speak to our gemmologist today.

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