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Green gems are one with nature

Many of us are looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, and this extends to the jewellery that we wear. When it comes to choosing jewellery, there are several things to consider if you want to make sure that it is truly at one with nature. Follow these tips to ensure that your jewellery is as environmentally sound as possible.

Check that your ring is traceable

Some stones are the products of poor mining practices, which can have a long-lasting negative impact on the environment, while other gems might be sourced from conflict zones. If traceability is a concern for you, select a store that obtains its gems from sustainable and traceable sources. This way you’ll have confidence that your jewellery is both environmentally and ethically sound.

If you have any questions regarding the source of your jewellery, an ethical supplier won’t mind answering them. You can read about Diamonds by Design’s policy on sustainability here.

Know which terms to look for

When shopping for jewellery, look for specific terms such as fair mined and fair trade, green sourced, conflict free, green certified, made from recycled materials, sustainably sourced, ethical labour practice and eco-friendly.

When you see labels like green certified and eco-friendly, you can be confident that the piece of jewellery is environmentally friendly. And when items are marked with fair trade, you can be certain the producers have received a fair price for their gems or jewellery.

Look for substitutes

If sustainability concerns you, don’t buy the usual gems. There are many substitutes for diamonds, etc., that can look every bit as good as the real thing. For instance, you could select moissinate, which looks very much like a diamond, but it’s lab-produced rather than mined, or perhaps opt for cubic zirconia.

Alternatively, look for pieces that are made from recycled or reclaimed silver and gold. You could also go one step further and buy wooden, resin or papier mâché jewellery. There are some fantastically creative pieces out there from both mainstream and independent jewellery makers; don’t be scared to defy convention and look for something a little different.

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is truly bespoke, ethically sourced and sustainable, contact Diamonds by Design.

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