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Finding a matching engagement ring and wedding band

One of the challenges of selecting the perfect engagement ring and wedding band is finding two individual pieces that complement each other. However, there are plenty of easy ways to create a matching pair so that both rings go well together.

Perhaps the best way to solve this problem is to buy a matching bridal set to ensure that the styles match, but as detailed below, there isn’t anything wrong with getting a little bit creative in order to create your ideal coupling.

Shop around

The first idea is to shop around to get a match for the general styles. If you have a classic engagement ring, look for a classic style wedding band. If you have a vintage engagement ring, look at vintage wedding bands that are similar in appearance. If your ring is more contemporary, find a contemporary wedding band, and so and so forth. However, don’t be concerned if you can’t find an exact match, provided the styles don’t clash it won’t pose a problem. Perhaps consider a hand engraved, custom designed band.

Use an Heirloom Piece

If you are a stickler for tradition, then you might like to try using an heirloom piece to create a matching engagement ring and wedding band; it could be possible to use the stones and the settings to create two similar looking pieces that create a great pair of matching rings. If you have an heirloom piece that you feel might be suitable, then speak to a gemmologist and ask for their opinion.

Choose Matching Stones

As well as looking around for similar styles, look for items of jewellery that have matching stones. Whether you’ve chosen the traditional diamond, rubies or emeralds or something a bit different, you can ensure that both the engagement ring and wedding band share the same stones for a pair of well-matched pieces.

Matching the Metals

A further way of ensuring a similar style is to choose matching metals. Traditionally, yellow gold is used most often but you can choose to go with platinum or white gold, or for a different look, consider rose gold.

Finding the perfect combination of engagement ring and wedding ring can be difficult, but by selecting matching metals and stones, shopping around and selecting similar styles, you can create a winning pair. If you further need advice, there speak to an expert for some guidance.

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