Where to see Fabergé

Fabergé Eggs Sydney - Get a Real or a Replica Fabergé Egg at Diamonds by Design

Where to see Fabergé

Fabergé Eggs Sydney

Get a Real or a Replica Fabergé Egg at Diamonds by Design

What does the unforgettable name Fabergé conjure up for you besides imperial Easter eggs? The most elegant enamel? The doomed Russian Tsar and his family? The collection Malcolm Forbes and his son Kip built up? Beautiful, subtle flowers in pure rock crystal? Unexpected small stone animals? Delicate picture frames? Massive silver cutlery? Miniature masterpieces?

50 Imperial Eggs for Russian Orthodox Easter from 1885 – 1916

In the 17th century, the Fabergé family were Huguenots called Favri in Picardy in Northern France, who eventually fled from persecution. Gustave Fabergé studied to be a goldsmith and jewellery maker in St. Petersburg, where he founded his own jewellery firm in in1842. His son Carl, who had inherited the business in 1870, was appointed jeweller and goldsmith to the Russian imperial court in 1885 and created the eggs for Tsar Alexander III to give his wife Tsarina Marie Feodorovna, Princess Dagmar of Denmark before her marriage.

The ultimate collectors’ objects

The Fabergé workshops continued to make jewellery and objects de virtu with unmatched craftsmanship. By 1905 there were Fabergé workshops in Moscow, Kiev (which closed in 1910) and London (which closed in 1915) as well as St. Petersburg, but when the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917, in the middle of the First World War, the remaining studios were seized and naturalised, and closed in 1918. Carl Fabergé fled to Switzerland, where he died in Lausanne in 1920.

Where to see the finest collections of Fabergé

The finest collections of Fabergé belong to the Fabergé Museum in the Shuvalov Palace on the Fontanka River — one of the most beautiful palaces in St. Petersburg — created by Viktor Vekselberg, who bought Malcolm Forbes’ famous Collection for the museum, the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow, one of the oldest museums in Russia, the British Royal Collection, the Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden, Germany, and in the United States the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Hillwood Museum in Washington, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You know, you too could own a piece of Fabergé

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Fabergé Eggs Sydney

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