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It’s fun to have a collection of rings to choose from to wear on different occasions. The present fashion is for lots of slim rings that stack, but any ring that is not too important or too fragile can be worn every day and give great pleasure. In platinum, gold or silver? With a stone or many or without? The ring should not have rough edges or claws that catch, but otherwise just about anything goes.

Signet rings are back in fashion. British ones are traditionally in gold with a family crest and used as a seal, but nowadays many bear the wearer’s initials. European signet rings tend to be engraved stones such as onyx or carnelian, bloodstone or agate.

The US class ring tradition originated at West Point Military Academy and is a ring worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation.

The Russian wedding or trinity ring was popularised by Cartier and consists of three interlocking bands of rose, white and yellow gold. Originally they were never set with stones, but now Cartier has added diamond pavé and coloured stones at regular intervals — and there are many cheaper copies to be found, as well as matching bangles.

The eternity — or maternity — ring is a band of gold or platinum set with a continuous line of identically cut stones to symbolise never-ending love. A half eternity ring is more comfortable to wear and gets less dirty. De Beers created the concept in the 1960s to use up small stones, and aimed their marketing campaign at older, married women. One catchy campaign slogan they came up with was “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”

A birthstone ring is set with the stone associated with the month of one’s birth. A cluster ring has many stones in one setting. A cocktail ring should be large, lavish and dramatic. A flexible ring is made from chain. A puzzle ring is made of interconnected hoops that fit together in a single ring. A bold statement ring makes the wearer look confident. A two-stone crossover ring flatters the fingers — and the whole hand. You just need to choose a style and a metal that echo your personality and lifestyle — traditional and elegant? Chic and extrovert? Romantic? Sculptural? Timeless? Contemporary? The look should project your image.

Whatever the ring you covet, call Karen at Diamonds by Design. She can make you something gorgeous, or find you an antique or vintage ring. Karen knows what she is doing and you’ll have difficulty choosing just one out of her selection. Enjoy looking, enjoy buying and enjoy wearing… every day.

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