Every day fancy jewellery

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Every day fancy jewellery

Most people reserve their finest jewellery for special occasions such as weddings, parties and anniversaries et cetera, but this can often mean that the gorgeous piece of jewellery you invested many in may not get worn often enough, and it can seem like a hefty investment if you are only going to wear it occasionally. Here at Diamonds by Design we advocate wearing your jewellery more often. If it’s worn correctly you can also make fancy jewellery a part of your everyday wardrobe; this is how to do it.

1.Go for modern pieces

Many modern designers are making pieces that are suitable for both everyday use or special occasions; do some research online and you’ll find many modern jewellery designers who are taking this approach to creating new pieces. If you aren’t sure what to choose, a simple gold necklace or a pendant will look equally good with formal clothing or casual clothing.

  1. Buy Classic pieces

Classic items of jewellery such as charm bracelets, diamond rings and necklaces, bangle bracelets and lockets can all seem like extravagant pieces of jewellery when they are coupled with a smart evening dress or a ball gown, but they are also suitable for everyday use when paired with a pretty dress, or jeans and T shirt. Choose a simple, classic piece of fancy jewellery that goes with everything and you can’t go far wrong.

  1. Choose bespoke

Another way of blending fancy jewellery into your everyday life is to choose a bespoke piece; don’t be reluctant to invest in a unique piece of jewellery as there are many advantages to buying bespoke.

A one off item of jewellery will be a true reflection of your personality, no matter what you are wearing; with an expert gemmologist to advise and create the piece, you can be certain that is will be designed so it will never look out of place.

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