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Engagement Ring Design Services

Jewellery is a beautiful expression of your complete personality. Everyone deserves to own a unique and special piece of jewellery. Whether it is a necklace, ring or earrings, all are a significant ornament for any special occasion that goes on in life, including  an anniversary, a birthday party or a wedding.

Among all other important events of your life, engagement has its unique place. This special event is actually a prerequisite to get married.  It does not matter how short or long the engagement period is, but this period is very important for the couple as it gives them an opportunity to know each other’s feelings more closely.  Feelings of love often intensify more during this significant period of time.

Engagement rings play an important role as these are a sign of marriage commitment. The ring is also a symbol of a promise to be together for a lifelong relationship as wife and husband.

We create custom diamond rings with white, yellow and pink gold
We create custom engagement rings with white, yellow and pink gold

Today, most men prefer to buy a diamond ring for their loved ones. This tradition of buying diamond engagement rings started in Italy. Italians believe that the diamonds were actually derived from the love flames and hence, the diamond engagement rings clearly represent a bond of everlasting love.

Diamond engagement rings are the most beautiful and cherished pieces of jewellery that all women desire to receive. A woman will never forget the moment when her beloved slid the engagement ring on her finger and committed to live the rest of his life with her.

Engagement Rings Design Types

Engagement diamond rings come in several designs and types, such as contemporary, 3-stone, classic, fancy diamond, yellow diamond and many others.

  • 3-stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Show your love to your soul mate with an engagement ring of three-stone diamonds. The three stones that are included in the engagement ring demonstrate the future, present and past time. Through this ring, you can honour your relationship with your past and present and plan to build your future together. No doubt it is a perfect ring for your special occasion and exceptional diamonds act as a cherry-on-top for creating the perfect ring.

  • Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring is famous for its uniqueness and beauty since the early 19th century, when the fashion rule was considered ‘glamour.’  Actually, a diamond is placed in the centre of a halo ring, which is surrounded by a halo border or a circle of diamonds. Halo rings represent a beautiful style that enhances and emphasizes the centre stone by increasing the size and brilliance of the perceived diamond, thus beautifying the diamond’s overall visual impact.

  • Contemporary Diamond Engagement Rings

These types of diamond rings feature bold and big diamonds, smooth finishes, sleek edges and streamline design. The change in orientation and shape of the centre diamond, (such as pear, radiant and oval cuts) can convert a timeless ring design into beautiful, contemporary art instantly.

  • Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

Classic is a term that can be used for describing something that is completely original and usually appreciated and liked by most people. This term represents tradition, specifically for a girl who is about to get married who imagines herself wearing a white gown, walking down the aisle, celebrating the night with her partner, family and friends.

  • Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for something exceptional and unique, then fancy-coloured diamond engagement rings are sure to turn your head.  A fancy coloured diamond looks wonderful in brilliant shades and hues of different colour spectrums–from black, blue, red, yellow and pink to every colour in between. The deeper the shade of the coloured fancy diamond, the more your ring will be valuable and radiate beauty.

The fancy coloured diamonds are not common because only one in ten thousand diamonds has shades of colour. Hence, these types of diamond engagement rings are rare, unique and make your engagement day an event to always remember.

  • Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

The most simple, yet classic engagement rings are the solitaire engagement rings. These rings feature a single round diamond, which is lofted above a precious and delicate metal band. A solitaire diamond engagement ring represents the most quintessential style in a unique way. The centre diamond is given more exposure to light and this results in the most brilliance and sparkle. There are several types of diamond solitaire rings, such as with a trellis setting, higher shoulders, wider band and contemporary designs.

  • Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

A yellow diamond engagement ring is an exquisite choice for immortalizing a timeless love. These are available in multiple design and styles as per your requirements and taste. This type of diamond ring is a perfect match for to making a striking statement regarding the special and unique commitment that you and your beloved share.

Custom Engagement Ring Design Services

The Custom engagement ring design services enable you to create a unique engagement ring with the best quality that you expect from Diamonds by Design. Our expert team of craftsmen is able to create a design exactly as you have imagined and always wanted to wear on your engagement. You just have to share your idea with us that inspire you the most and we will convert your imagination into an extremely beautiful reality with our expert services. Bespoken engagement rings are a great fit for you if:

  • You own a special piece and you are keen to create an engagement ring of the same design.
  • You have an amazing idea or an ideal design in your mind but you can’t find the same style in the stores.
  • You want to include your own pearls, diamonds or loose gemstones in a custom setting.

The Custom Jewellery Design Process

Since engagement is the most important event of your life, your engagement ring deserves to look its best. We are delighted to be a part of this most awaited and special occasion of yours. Our jewellery expert team will guide you through on every step of the custom engagement design process. With decades of experience, we will make sure that dream or vision comes to life. For us, our customer satisfaction is our highest priority; that is why you will be involved with us during each step of the process. You can discuss ideas and changes so that we can create the perfect engagement ring as you have imagined it to be.

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