Elegant Full Finger Ring Designs

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Elegant Full Finger Ring Designs

Full Finger Rings Australia

When you tune in to awards shows, it’s always nice to see what the celebrities are wearing. Their fabulous dresses are created by the world’s top designers. However, it’s the bling that always catches our attention!

Some of the hottest looks that we see on the red carpets are full finger rings. These almost mechanical though still elegant rings aren’t just pleasing, but become an extension, sometimes literally, of the finger.

Full finger rings have different styles and price points. While cheaper but still stunning rings are made of pewter, it’s the sterling silver ones with a heftier price tag that really catch the eye. You have to decide what type of event you might wear one of these fantastic rings to, as they are more fashion than function.

As many different stones and trinkets can be set in these rings as in standard rings, and there is a lot more area to work with. Diamonds, rubies, pearls and elegant gold chains may adorn a full finger ring and make a truly one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

At first, it may look as though you are trying out for a stylish part in the next ‘Terminator’ movie, but these elegant rings do bend. They can extend over two or three phalanges and may make finger food hard to eat — but we don’t think you’ll wear them to that type of event.

For an amazing look, try a full finger ring! It will be the talking point of your outfit and can go with a rustic or an elegant look. The ring is best paired with elongated earrings as extended versions of standard rings and earrings make them stand apart. Check out some of the fantastic local jewellery designers in Sydney and their breathtaking new rings.

Modern & Antique Full Finger Ring Designs in Sydney by Diamonds by Design


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