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Eight of the Top Jewellery Designers

Over the years, the world’s most famous jewellery designers have created breath-taking pieces, which have captured the imagination of the public and celebrities alike. Often, these designers started with little in the way of finance, but they still managed to become world-famous by using their rare talents. Here are eight of the world’s top jewellery designers:

Tiffany and Co – first established in 1837, the company was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany. It soon became an iconic name in jewellery design and its creations are worn by some of the world’s most celebrated household names. Tiffany has gained a reputation for its pioneering designs and is known the world over.

Laurence Graff – established in 1960, Graff is best-known for his beautiful diamond jewellery and “most fabulous jewels in the world” motto. Graff is one of the biggest names in luxury jewellery and he has owned some of the world’s most famous diamonds.

Bulgari – this company is more than a century old and as famous as ever today for high-end jewellery, Bulgari still creates masterpieces in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and Gianni Bulgari is one of the most recognisable names in jewellery design.

Cartier – founded by Louis-François Cartier, has been going strong since 1847. Although it has an extensive line of glamorous creations, the Cartier diamond remains one of the most desirable. A favourite among celebrities, the Paris-based company boasts Katherine Middleton among its many fans.

Chopard – This Swiss company was inaugurated in the 1800s by Louis-Ulysses Chopard and maintains its core qualities of excellence, creativity and respect. Only the finest materials are used to create a line of jewels and accessories that just ooze class, and one of the most striking aspects of Chopard is the obvious quality of their pieces.

Harry Winston – also known as the King of Diamonds, Harry Winston has been based in New York since the 1930s; he’s famous for his classic timepieces and wedding ring collections. Winston’s jewellery has been worn by many stars and is still a major part of essential red carpet glamour.

Bellarri – their array of fine jewellery is known for its colour and style. Bellarri’s exquisite range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings feature diamonds, topaz and onyx, to name just a few classic gems.

Jane Taylor – an innovator in the jewellery world, Taylor introduced the chubby bezel design. She is also renowned for her unusual way of setting diamonds and gemstones and for her outstanding designs, which are instantly recognisable. Taylor’s designs manage to look both classic and contemporary – and she only uses the finest gems.

These jewellery designers keep innovating and their creations attract attention wherever they are worn – but many of their pieces will be out of most people’s price range. For beautiful, bespoke jewellery without the designer price tag contact Diamonds by Design.

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