Spot the difference…

Clarity refers to the relative purity of a diamond. Almost all diamonds contain some impurities or blemishes, either internally in the form of inclusions or small scratches or nicks on the surface of the stone.

Diamonds with no surface blemishes or internal flaws are referred to as flawless (IF) and command a high price. Truly flawless diamonds are extremely rare. The fewer the inclusions in the stone, the less interference with the passage of light through it and the greater the sparkle.

Inclusions can be helpful. They provide a unique ‘fingerprint’ and will allow anyone who is familiar with a particular stone to immediately distinguish it from any other.

We scrutinize each diamond under a 10-power magnification to for flaws. Small inclusions will probably not be visible to the naked eye and are unlikely to mar the stone’s beauty.

The diagram below shows an illustration of the qualities of diamonds.

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