Size does matter…

Carat weight: a diamond’s weight is measured in what is known as a carat, a unit of measurement equal to 0.2grams. Each carat is equal to 100 points, like cents to the dollar. 25/100 of a carat or 0.25ct are often referred to as a quarter carat. 0.50ct can also be called half a carat. In order to determine the exact weight of a diamond or any other gemstone, it must be unset.

A carat is not a measure of a diamond’s size, since cutting a diamond to different proportions can affect its weight.

1 carat = 100 points
3/4 carat = 75 points
1/2 carat = 50 points
1/4 carat = 25 points
Mêlée = under 15 points

The word carat is taken from the perfectly matched carob seeds that were historically used by merchants to balance scales. So uniform and symmetrical in shape and weight are these seeds that even today’s sophisticated and complicated devices cannot detect more than 3/1000 difference between them.

When making your decision to purchase a diamond, remember that differences in size are clearly visible… even to the untrained eye.

The price of a diamond consistently rises in proportion to the size of the stone. Larger diamonds are more rare and have a greater value per carat. For example, when discussing size remember that a one-carat diamond costs much more than a 95 pointer.

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.