Sydney Diamonds

Buy Diamonds in Sydney!

Here’s a Small and Comprehensive Guide!

Whether you are looking for answers to some specific questions or simply want to learn more about diamonds in Sydney, our informative and easy-to-use guide will help you.

What are the six C’s?

See how a diamond’s weight affects its value.

Learn about the colour range from D-Z and how it’s colour that makes a diamond sparkle.

Do you get more for your money when you buy a flawless diamond?

Possibly the most overlooked of all the C’s – cut is the one property most directly influenced by man.

Trust & Security.

Although not an official C its still just as important.

Listen to your heart!

Ultimately, your choice of diamond is not only dictated by the six Cs but by what looks good to you. If it looks like the stone of your dreams, then it is the stone of your dreams whatever anyone says.

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