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Diamonds so big you almost need both hands to hold them!

Regardless of their size, diamonds are always guaranteed to be a showstopper. However, throughout history there have been diamonds that captured the public’s imagination due to their sheer scale – and considerable value. These are some of the world’s biggest rocks:

The Oppenheimer Blue

This dazzling blue diamond ring was auctioned by Christie’s in May 2016 and went for an astounding US$58 million dollars. It holds the record for the highest sum ever achieved for a gem at auction. At 14.62 carats, it is also the biggest blue diamond to be sold at auction.

Blue diamonds are among the rarest in the world. Previously the Blue Moon diamond ring had held the record for the highest auction price, reaching US$48.5 million in November 2014, when Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau bought it for his seven-year-old daughter Josephine.

Largest crossover diamond ring

With a price tag of £1.6 million, the world’s largest crossover diamond ring was put up for sale in 2016 by London-based jewellers Hancocks. The ring includes two 20-carat diamonds and is considered so valuable that a security guard has been assigned to look after it.

The Cullinan Diamond

Going back in history, the Cullinan, presented to King Edward VII for his 66th birthday and eventually cut into several polished gems, is the largest gem-quality diamond ever found. It was discovered in 1905 in a mine in South Africa and takes its name from the chairman of the mine, Thomas Cullinan.
It was the world’s biggest clear cut diamond, originally weighing over 600 grams.

Shawish all diamond ring

This 150-carat ring made headlines when it was unveiled by Shawish in 2012. The whole ring was cut from a single chunk of rough diamond and valued at $70 million.

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