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Diamond myths and legends

There can’t be many people that aren’t attracted to the glamour of the diamond; perhaps it is the many myths and legends that surround this beautiful gemstone that helps add to its enduring appeal. However, if you aren’t familiar with some numerous myths and legends about this very special stone, here are some of the most famous.

The diamond has healing powers

Its long been believed that the diamond has special healing powers. In years gone by, the diamond was often used in the case of memory loss, headaches and for nausea, and it was even believed to help heal people with mental illness.


One common legend about the diamond is that it was once used to protect the wearer when they were going into battle. Diamonds would often be integrated into battle wear as they were thought to have magical powers that would protect the fighter in the midst of a war.


Diamonds once helped decide if somebody was guilty of a crime. The Jewish high priests believed if somebody was being honest, the stone would take on a greater shine, however, if somebody was guilty, this would be determined by the dark shade the diamond would turn.

Home Protection

Legend has it that placing a diamond on every corner of your home or garden would provide protection in the event of a lightning strike, although this theory has never been proven.

Diamonds are indestructible

Another common myth is that diamonds are indestructible, but they aren’t. While they will last a long time -and they are known for being one of the most durable gemstones – they can become damaged by chips, but they are less prone to scratches.


The diamond dates back far into history; it was a common part of superstition and celebration in Ancient Roman and Greek times. Many sources show that the Romans and Greeks once thought that diamonds were splinters from stars that had fallen from the sky.


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