The Extraordinary Laurence Graff

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The Extraordinary Laurence Graff

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From the most humble of beginnings in the East End of London, Laurence Graff now heads an empire with shops from London to Monte Carlo and the Far East.

An example to the jewellery trade

Renowned not only for his business acumen but also for his exemplary fair trade practices, Graff first introduced innovations to the trade that are now almost taken for granted. For instance, his “mine-to-market” model guarantees that every Graff purchase can be traced back to its source — and the cutting and polishing of gemstones are carried out in Graff ‘s own facilities located throughout the world. Work conditions are considerably above average and a tight control of quality is ensured.

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Above all though, Graff is famed for his remarkable acquisitions over the years. Perhaps the most legendary is the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, which he purchased in 2008 for GBP16.84 million. This fabulous deep-blue diamond dates back to 1664, when it was given by Philip IV of Spain to his daughter as an engagement present when she married into the Austrian royal house. Graff had it recut from 35.56 carats down to its current 31.06 carats, and it now has the very rare top certification of internally flawless type IIb deep blue from the Gemmological Institute of America. The stone is said to have been resold in 2011 for over US$80 million to the former Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa.

Some of the most famous and sought after diamonds in the world

The list of Graff’s major acquisitions is endless: the Windsor Yellows (Geneva, 1987); the Lesotho Promise, a rough 603 carat stone acquired in 2006 and cut into 26 D-flawless diamonds totalling 224 carats, recorded as the highest yield ever from a single stone; the Graff Sweethearts, two rough diamonds of 196 and 184 carats mined in Lesotho, which were cut into a 51.53 carat D colour Flawless type IIa and a 50.76 carat D colour Flawless type IIa, both heart-shaped. Graff has a remarkable instinct for gems in the rough.

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