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Diamond-encrusted baby bottles and other extravagant accessories

Some people won’t settle for a traditional diamond ring, necklace or bracelet – they want something a little more extravagant, and fortunately there’s an array of accessories available if your budget will stretch far enough.

These are some exceptional and outrageous diamond accessories:

Diamond-encrusted shoelaces

On November 1, 2004, the $65,000 Reebok diamond-encrusted shoelace was offered for sale for just one day by Eastbay and Reebok. It was a Reebok Question with 246 diamonds set in white gold by jeweller Jacob Arabo. Only one pair was ever made and a stainless steel suitcase went with them for security.

Diamond-encrusted glasses

Silhouette, the exclusive, award-winning Austrian eyeglass designer, released its Atelier diamond-encrusted collection in 2016. A pair can cost up to A$16,000.

The company customizes lightweight spectacles for each buyer. They may have gold rims or innovative materials set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or any other gem.

Diamond-encrusted baby bottles

With a limitless budget or a lottery win, we’d probably spend almost any amount on our children, but how many of us would think of buying a diamond-encrusted baby bottle? The Spanish company Suommo’s The baby bottle, in white or rose gold set with diamonds, is available in five sizes and they engrave the initials free.

How much does this luxurious gift cost? From A$170 to $350, but if that is over your budget, you might consider a diamond-encrusted A$23,000 pacifier.


These might all be considered the ultimate in extravagant diamond accessories, but if you can’t afford them, you don’t need to miss out: Diamonds by Design have the expertise to create an elaborate piece of jewellery that is within your budget. For expert advice, contact Diamond by Design today.

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