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Choosing Earrings for Christmas

Diamond Earrings Sydney – How to Choose

Australia Diamond Earrings Sydney

With just few days to go to Christmas, it is time to start looking for something really special if you haven’t done so already. If you find that you’re stuck for ideas then you are on pretty safe ground with a piece of jewellery. When chosen well, an item of jewellery will be a gift that is never forgotten and will last for years to come.

If you aren’t confident about choosing a piece of jewellery, then something simple like a pair of Sydney diamond earrings is a good starting place. Just about every woman loves a pair of earrings to accessorise their outfit with so they are perfect for a stocking filler, or they can be an ideal main present as well.

Choosing Earrings
When choosing earrings you should take the following factors into consideration:

Face Shape
The most important part of choosing the perfect pair of earrings is to take into consideration the person’s face shape. If somebody has an elongated face then studs would be more flattering, and if somebody has a full face then you’ll want to choose elongated earrings that will have a slimming effect.

A heart-shaped face is better suited to short, round earrings, while a square face is better suited to medium-sized earrings; silver or gemstones are a good choice. People with oval faces are the easiest to buy for as just about any type of earring suits their face shape.

What do they usually wear?
You’ll want to choose a pair of earrings that they are comfortable wearing so make note of what they usually wear. Do you see them wearing gold or silver? Or do they like gemstones? Are they the sort of person that goes with a delicate design or would they prefer something that reflects their outgoing personality?

Hair colour and length
When choosing earrings as a present you’ll also want to think about the person’s hair colour and length. People with longer hair are better suited to long, dangling earrings while people with short hair can get away with pretty much any style.

Some types of jewellery will complement hair colour better than others. For instance, if somebody has red hair, then gold coloured earrings can look absolutely stunning, and if a person has dark hair then lighter coloured jewellery would be more complimentary.

For a truly personalised gift, find out their birthstone and get it integrated into a pair of earrings. This will create a bespoke gift that will always be treasured.



Month Birthstone Anniversaries
January Garnet 1 Eternity Ring
February Amethyst 5 Woodware
March Aquamarine 10 Tin/Silverware
April Diamond 15 Crystal
May Emerald 20 China
June Pearl 25 Silver
July Ruby 30 Pearl
August Peridot 40 Ruby
September Sapphire 45 Sapphire
October Opal 50 Gold
November Topaz 55 Platinum
December Turquoise 60 Diamond

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Diamond Earrings Sydney

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