Diamonds by Design At Diamonds by Design we custom design and create fine jewellery just for you from diamonds, opals, gems and pearls ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. For 28 years our bespoke jewellery, diamond engagement rings has delighted Sydney's discerning buyers.
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Diamonds by Design — Modern Jewellery Designer

Create Your Own Unique Diamond Ring Design! Diamonds by Design is based in the centre of Sydney, in the iconic Dymocks Building in George Street.

custom made engagement rings sydneyAnd Diamonds by Design doesn’t just specialize in diamonds, although we love them in every hue and shape. Because coloured diamonds are so rare, they are prized, and because they are so hard their high polish makes them appear more vivid than other gemstones. However, Diamonds by Design is happy to look for and find any gemstone for you, precious or semi-precious, and then enhance it by designing a setting that you will always treasure because it reflects your essence and discernment.

Just think gemstones and precious metals and the profound pleasure of wearing them with confidence and aplomb

Karen Lindley has owned Diamonds by Design for over 40 years and is an award-winning designer and trustworthy Platinum Member of the Australian Jewellers Association. After a lifetime of experience in the jewellery business, she has seen, heard and done most things, and she has the taste and experience to understand what you are looking for, even when you are not really quite sure yourself.

Outstanding service together with down to earth advice

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Karen takes great pride in providing an outstanding service to all her clients, and is well known for giving general common sense advice as well prior to any purchase — and she will answer all the questions a client might want to ask before committing to an important investment. But apart from custom made pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings and wedding rings — and diamond and coloured stone rings too — Diamonds by Design also specializes in restoration, repairs and valuations — and even services watches and clocks.

Forget the necessities — raise morale and go for true luxury, whether it’s a gift or you’re choosing for yourself

Karen is just as happy to restore or update an heirloom or old piece for you as she is to create a brand new one. Diamonds by Design can even check your silver and gold hallmarks and service vintage watches and clocks. Karen says “Our speciality is the remaking and recreation of older pieces of jewellery of actual or even just sentimental value — and our passion is making all our clients happy, and keeping them happy from generation to generation.”

For a piece of jewellery to cherish or a gift to treasure, call Diamonds by Design today

custom made diamond rings SydneyValue, integrity, sustainability — those are three very good reasons to choose Diamonds by Design when you are looking for a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift. Whether you would like to have a new piece of jewellery professionally designed or an old one expertly repaired, or whether you need an approximate valuation or a detailed appraisal for your insurance company or for an estate, and even if you would simply like to talk things over and get a level-headed, understanding opinion, come to see Diamonds by Design.

Whatever you give the girl of your dreams, ring her at Diamonds by Design!

Do you want a custom made engagement ring that will last a whole life long? An engagement ring is absolutely the ultimate symbol of love, promise and commitment! There is nothing more personal, and it eventually becomes a symbol of who you are. What is your favourite stone? And what is your favourite colour? Your ring really has to reflect your personality and style — and who you are. Will you wear it all the time or save it for special occasions? Karen will work with you through the whole design process — the stone of your dreams and how it should be set to convey your lifestyle and taste — and will only move forward when you are completely happy. She won’t rush you through anything. Diamonds by Design will make sure that you have a bespoke engagement ring — and a custom made wedding ring to match — to be proud of, now and forever — and one that will be the envy of your family and friends. Karen is sympathetic to the concept that this is a ring you are planning to wear for life, and then pass on to the next generation.

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If you want a unique piece, Diamonds by Design can sketch and create the ideal custom made piece of jewellery for you to fall in love with and wear forever.

You can always count on Diamonds by Design — we tend to find ourselves designing and creating everything from both traditional and contemporary custom made engagement and wedding rings to necklaces, brooches and bracelets which celebrate a special occasion: not just a birthday or an anniversary, but to commemorate a win at the races or a successful sale or promotion or windfall for our discerning, perceptive, shrewd clientele!

Remember, the valuation protects you

Diamonds by Design’s Probate Valuations, Appraisals and Divisions will provide an expert verbal opinion or comprehensive written appraisal for an estate that has to be valued for legal and taxation purposes. As far as appraisals are concerned, the most important thing is to find a truthful, experienced, professional appraiser whom you can trust and who is not trying to sell you anything. Diamonds by Design fulfils all of these criteria.

Diamonds by Design can find you the gem of your dreams at the right price

modern jewellery designers SydneyWhether you are looking for a custom made engagement or wedding ring or a beautiful custom made diamond ring for any occasion at all, whether you would like a modern setting or a traditional one, come to Karen at Diamonds by Design for true happiness. You don’t need to break the bank, but you do need a trusted jeweller. Karen can talk you right through everything, including insurance. She will explain all the possibilities, and then respect your decision. And she’ll create the ring of your dreams for you, timeless, handcrafted and custom made.

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