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How to design your perfect engagement ring or the story of a happy customer

Custom Engagement Rings Sydney

The best thing about getting married is the engagement ring — or it was for me! Proof of commitment for all to see. I wanted big, but something I could wear every day, so a simple setting — and a ring I would not feel was too small as I grew older. I wanted something classic — even boring — so I wouldn’t be embarrassed one day that my taste had been typical of an immature time that I grown away from. I had a budget and I wanted blue.

Wise counsel

So I came to Karen. She was old and experienced enough for me to listen to her advice, and young and funky enough to show me things that I liked. Everyone trusts her — even my prospective mother-in-law — and she understood my concerns straight away.

Informed choice

She showed me stones. Lots of stones. Mainly sapphires, but aquamarines and turquoise, lapis lazuli and iolite and blue topaz too, and seeing them taught me a lot — I loved looking at them and handling them. But it was a blue sapphire that I really wanted.

Size, shape, cut and colour

Then it was a question of cut and shape: faceted or cabochon? Oval or round, square or rectangular? There are even cushion and pear-shaped sapphires. Well, I liked the emerald-cut sapphires best, but I couldn’t find one in my price range, so in the end I chose a lovely 5-carat oval stone from Sri Lanka. Karen was endlessly patient, but now we could put away the sapphires and concentrate on diamonds to set it with — so the stone was highlighted, but the ring didn’t look too flashy.


We looked at pictures of famous engagement rings from all over the world, from Princess Diana’s to Meghan Markle’s, but in the end I decided on a round 40-point brilliant-cut diamond on either side, set in platinum.

True love

And then my fiancé came to Diamonds by Design to approve — and he is even more delighted than I am with the ring of my dreams, which I shall love wearing for the rest of my life.

Diamonds by Design – Custom Engagement Rings Sydney

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