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Coloured stone engagement rings

Engagement Rings Sydney

What is your favourite stone? I always aspired to a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, and I’ve worn my cornflower blue Ceylonese (as it was in those days) cabochon stone with love and pride ever since it was given to me. It has become an extension of myself and I suppose it must reflect my personality to other people. When, after 10 years, I wanted it to be reset, my husband was rather distressed, and I had to explain that at 30 it’s okay to change the setting one chose at 20 — and so the diamonds on either side became ear studs and I copied a classic white gold Bulgari Art Deco ring.

What would you wear every day and never grow out of or tire of?

There are so many coloured gemstones to choose from, but your main consideration must be your own taste and the colours you wear — and if you intend to wear the ring every day then neither the stone nor its setting should be fragile. If it is for special occasions then you can go for an emerald or tanzanite or something equally fragile. But if you are hard on your jewellery then perhaps a sapphire or a ruby would be safer since both are corundum and measure 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Engagement rings chosen by celebrities

Both Princess Eugenie and Lady Gaga have padparadscha sapphire engagement rings, and of course Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. Gwyneth Paltrow’s ring is sapphire too. Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring when she married Jack Kennedy was an emerald and a diamond set by van Cleef & Arpels. Eva Longoria Baston, actress, producer and activist, is wearing a ruby surrounded by diamonds.

The meaning of stones

Many gems have meanings — for example an aquamarine stands for courage and communication, a sapphire honesty and loyalty, an emerald a happy and successful marriage; a ruby signifies passionate love, and an opal is associated with desire and passion, love and loyalty. Then there is a birthstone for every month in the year.

A bespoke ring forever

It’s very important to have a sympathetic jeweller who knows what they are doing and understands what you want and will never tire of. Contact Karen at Diamonds by Design — she’s an award-winning designer too, who will be able to show you gemstones and drawings and photographs. Take her pictures of engagement rings you may have seen in magazines and liked to give her an idea of your taste. Karen can make you an engagement ring that you will cherish forever — and then pass on to the next generation.

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Coloured Stone Engagement Rings in Sydney – Diamonds by Design

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