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Coloured diamonds

Coloured Diamonds Sydney

There are yellow, champagne, green, orange, pink, red, brown, blue and black diamonds, all rare, valuable and highly desirable, but the rarest and most valuable colours are the saturated pinks, blues and greens.


For the past 30 years, almost all pink diamonds have come from the Argyle Diamond mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, even though only one out of every million carats of rough diamonds produced at the mine is suitable for sale. Only 40 to 50 carats of pink diamonds are sold annually at auction, and the Argyle mine is soon to close. The Financial Times described the 59.6 carat Pink Star as “the rarest, finest, most precious stone the world has ever seen” when it sold at auction in 2017 to Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook for US$71.2 million, still the world record.


Yellow diamonds owe their colour to a trace of nitrogen. The Ellendale mine in Western Australia, which went into administration in 2015, once produced 50 per cent of the world’s yellow diamonds and supplied Tiffany’s, and now the state government is looking for a mining company to re-open it.


Champagne diamonds are more affordable and range in colour from light champagne through to cognac and coffee. About 80 per cent of the diamonds produced by the Argyle mine are champagne. Strength of colour and sparkle determine their value.


The blue of a diamond is due to a tiny amount of boron in the carbon atoms. The legendary Hope blue diamond is now in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.


Increasingly popular, most black diamonds come from Brazil, but they fracture easily and are often treated with radium to enhance the black. The colour comes from mostly graphite inclusions and black diamonds are different to other diamonds in that they absorb light rather than refracting it. The Spirit of the Grisognono, weighing 312.24 carats is the world’s largest cut diamond and the fifth largest diamond in the world.

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