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Christmas/New Year’s Proposal Ideas

Aside from Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are the most romantic times of year to get engaged. If you are thinking of taking that step, but you are not quite sure how to approach it, you’ll find inspiration from some of the following stories:

A while ago invited readers to share their Christmas engagement stories, and the creative ways that their partner had used to make their proposal, so that the stories could be shared on social media. Twitter users were keen to respond, and as you’ll see, people have come up with some pretty creative ways of asking for their partner’s hand in marriage.

  • One man hid an engagement ring in an advent calendar, and it remained there just waiting to be discovered by his partner.
  • Another couple got engaged on Christmas Day. The engagement ring was hidden as a present along with all of the other gifts that surrounded the Christmas tree.
  • For something a little more creative, another person arranged a Christmas Day scavenger hunt. The search continued until the most important gift of all was discovered: an engagement ring. If you want to do this yourself, start off with smaller presents that are hidden around the house, and allow your partner to continue searching under they find the gift that matters the most.

Other Ideas

If you don’t like any of the above ideas, here are some other methods that have been used for a Christmas proposal.

A popular way of making a Christmas Day proposal is to conceal the engagement ring into a Christmas cracker – just make sure that the cracker goes to the right person.

Alternatively, get several boxes in various sizes. Put the engagement ring in the smallest box and then create a box within a box until you end up with the largest box. Gift wrap the box, and put it under the tree – no one will guess there is an engagement ring inside

This idea comes courtesy of the website: the Christmas stocking proposal. Even adults love a Christmas stocking, so they suggest hiding the engagement ring in a stocking among several other small presents.

Another idea from is to buy a Christmas ornament, get the words “will you marry me” engraved on to it, and give it as a gift on the big day. This suggestion is perfect for the man (or woman) that wants to ask their partner to marry them, but just can’t seem to find the words.

If you need more ideas, The Knot has several suggestions for a Christmas Day proposal. One plan is to spell out your proposal in the snow, and if we don’t have a white Christmas, then spell it out in rose petals.

A final idea, which is also from The Knot, is to create two time capsules as a gift. In one time capsule, place souvenirs of your time together such as photos, and in the other time capsule, put the engagement ring.

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