Christmas at Diamonds by Design

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Christmas at Diamonds by Design

Christmas 2019!

The sun is setting over the Baltics as I write this whilst fulfilling a dream to go to St Petersburg. The artworks in Russia are simply superb and seeing a room of Renoirs is something I shall remember for ever. When I saw the Amber room in the Palace of Catherine I was reminded of my Gemmological learning days that Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy … we could all do with a bit of that and I chose some lovely Amber pieces for Christmas gifts.

As Christmas approaches, I’ve had great fun selecting wonderful pieces to offer and to cover every price point … I hope you enjoy them and to see more of the latest range please just give me a call.



KAREN LINDLEY F.G.A.A, J.A.A., N.C.J.V is a qualified gemmologist and a registered valuer. She has been in the Dymocks building for more than 35 years. When you purchase your jewellery from Diamonds by Design you can be assured of real quality real value and satisfaction backed up by a genuine guarantee.

Cracking Christmas surprises just for you!

Gold skyrocketing whilst platinum falls!

Platinum has always been the Rolls Royce of jewellery making and girl logic is that now that it is half the price per ounce of gold it should be cheaper to have a platinum ring … right? Nope, and here’s why…

Platinum is pure …  gold is not… platinum is at least 20 percent heavier than gold. Platinum is harder to work with and therefore takes longer than gold. Popular thoughts of why Platinum is falling is because with the increase in electric cars, platinum is no longer being used as much in engines … and the amount of platinum used in jewellery is so tiny compared to previous automotive use. Glad I never invested in platinum.

“But I can buy so much cheaper online”

Really, not that I with 40 years’ experience in gemmology can tell. As a Board member of the Jewellers Association I am often intrigued when we handle a complaint from a consumer dissatisfied with an online purchase. Generally, because, it looked bigger, they said it was real, it has a certificate or by the
time I paid in Aussie dollars, plus freight, plus GST it was a lot more expensive. The worst one I have seen was a glass filled ruby surrounded by synthetic diamonds in 16ct heavily plated white gold. It was sold with a Valuation, by the seller, of $12,000 and described as a natural ruby surrounded by diamonds in an 18ct white gold setting. The purchaser paid U$1200 plus freight plus GST, equating to A$2600 and had a genuine expectation that as he had obtained the bargain of the Century I would happily pay him a 50% profit and take it off his hands!

You could buy what it really was in any Asian Tourist shop for around A$700.

You get what you pay for.

If it sounds too good to be true it is.

It’s hard enough for me to buy jewellery at a competitive price and maintain the high standards of DBD so to attempt to do it with no training or as an internet expert is perhaps not so wise!


Whilst we believe you should buy jewellery for pleasure and never as an investment you never know when you might have to sell something. Life‘s good at throwing curve balls! Second hand jewellery is a buyer not a sellers’ market.

Here is how to minimise your loss:

– Keep all your purchase documents, warrantees,  certificates etc.

– Keep the box and packaging.

– Have photos of you wearing the piece.

– Keep all Valuations and appraisals.

– All of the above will also be invaluable if you have to make an Insurance Claim.


Whilst in Europe this year I spent time in Copenhagen and Stockholm ……. Oh my, the elegance of the jewellery was breath taking and refreshing…pure, simple, modern and timeless combined with gently understated. Lots of unusual colour compatibility e.g turquoise and coral …… and semiprecious beads worn with everything from evening gowns to shorts and crop tops. Here at DBD we have a fabulous selection of semi-precious necklaces to peruse.

The Duchess of Sussex has become quite the trend setter by pairing low cost brands from the High Street with genuine pieces….. Be like the Duchess.

Insuring your jewellery – Without it you could be left heartbroken!

The Jewellers Association of Australia now has a partnership for the best no frills jewellery Insurance around. 24/7 Worldwide annual cover, replacement by your jeweller, no excess, the lowest premiums and if required monthly payments. Just $400 p.a for a $10,000.00 piece.

In addition JAA members can now offer customers financing through TLC payment plans. Loans up to 50K, a simple application process and the ability to incorporate wedding and honeymoon financing as well.

Down on the farm

Although the garden was not open this year the work continues in preparation for next year. A big shout out to Hornsby Council who gave me hundreds of local native plants and grasses which will hopefully not die over the predicted hot summer of 2020. We had 10 ducklings and watching their daily activities was most enjoyable.

For the one who has everything….

With a bit of skill and the latest laser we can now put a black and white photo on to any metal surface …………. jewellery, equipment, giftware ……. even a USB. Price from $200.

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