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Choosing the Perfect Bracelet

Bracelets are an ideal way to show friendship or love for somebody, and they make a great alternative to a ring or necklace for people that are looking for a gift with a difference. Bracelets have been worn throughout history and are still popular and until this day, many famous women such as Michelle Obama are often sporting a beautifully designed bracelet.

If you’ve decided to opt for bracelet for your next item of jewellery, these are the things to talk to your jewellery designer about.


With a larger piece of jewellery, there is an added opportunity to express your feelings. Space is not as limited as it would be with a ring so this gives plenty of characters to really convey your feelings; talk to a gemmologist about the ideas that you have for creating a message for that somebody special.

golden bespoke bracelet


One of the best things about bracelets is you’re not just limited to gold or silver or bronze. It can be as brightly coloured and as bold as you want them to be, and as elaborate or delicate as you wish.

golden bespoke bracelet

 Bracelets are suitable for both sexesgoldBespoke

Don’t think that bracelets are only suitable for the female sex; they can be just as appropriate for males as well. If buying a bracelet for a man, it is probably best to go with something that little bit plainer and not too showy; perhaps a few gemstones and a simple engraving could be all that you need. Speak to a gemmologist to determine which options would work the best.


The design of a bracelet is only limited by the individual’s imagination. By working with your jewellery designer it is possible to come up with numerous different choices for creating your ideal bracelet.

Bangles, cuff, pearl, gemstones, wristwatch style bracelets and multi stranded bracelets are all options, or perhaps choose a charm bracelet that reflects different aspects of the person’s personality or to reflect the occasion. For instance you might be buying a bracelet to mark the start of a relationship, in which case you might want to opt for diamonds, or you could be buying for a wedding day gift to say thank you to guests.

Alternatively, the bracelet could be a gift for your bride-to-be. Whatever the occasion is, or their personality of the individual, a bracelet will make a beloved gift.

For bespoke jewellery design and expert advice, book an appointment and speak to Karen Lindley, for a free consultation,

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