Jewellery Industry

Jewellery Designer Sydney Some of the most wearable jewellery at this year’s Oscars came from lesser known designers and not the big five: Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston and Tiffany. Jewellery Designer Sydney: Diamond Earrings & Necklaces, Oscars 2019 Maya Rudolph was on the worst dressed list with slicked back hair and a billowing, baggy, […]

Jewellers Sydney Well, these seem to have been the most compelling Academy Awards in years, due to the battle between traditional values and the 21st century. However in jewellery this year the conservatives generally won. Jewellers Sydney: The Diamond Jewellery of the Oscars 2019 Lady Gaga in the ultimate Tiffany necklace was not the only […]

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.