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Buying Kids Jewellery

Most children like emulating adults and this can often mean they like to copy what their elders are wearing right down to finer accessories such as jewellery. However, as it can be difficult to choose the perfect piece, this article will help give you some guidance when it comes to buying jewellery for children.

Safety and allergies

First of all, you need to consider the safety implications of wearing jewellery. If a child is very young, you won’t want a piece that has lots of small parts, which could easily be broken off and pose a choking hazard, and you will also want to be careful of necklaces as they could potentially catch around the neck.

Another problem that often gets overlooked is the type of metal the jewellery is made from. Many children have allergies to metals like nickel, so a better option is to look for pieces that are made from gold or silver, and look for hypoallergenic jewellery where you can.


Sizing can also be an issue, especially with younger children as they tend to have sudden growth spurts, but one good way of sizing a bracelet or necklace is to use some string or ribbon to get a measurement of the child’s neck or wrist.


It can be tempting to look for cheaper item of jewellery, especially if your child is very young. However, investing a little bit more in a quality piece, which will last longer and stand up to everyday wear and tear is going to be much more cost effective and worthwhile, so don’t focus on cost too much; instead consider the quality and the length of time it is likely to last.


Adults often comment on how quickly kids are growing up these days and it is a shame for very young children to dress much older than they are. For these reasons, you need to give some careful consideration to the suitability of the jewellery you choose.

It’s probably best to go for something simple but also robust as children like to engage in activities that involve a lot of wear and tear. Simple silver lockets, expander bracelets, charm bracelets and small crosses all make ideal choices for a child’s first piece of jewellery.


If you are buying earrings, then studs or hearts can be a good option, but don’t buy anything too dangly, as these types of earrings can get caught up in the hair, or knocked out when playing games. Screw on earrings are an excellent choice as they are almost impossible to lose, so these are ideal for children.

A small, sparkly fine diamond can look spectacular when they adorn little ears, however, when you are considering an appropriate piece; think the metals used and the shape, as well as the overall design.


These can be both fun and stylish, while also being appropriate for the innocent look of young children, however, diamond doll rings are best left for social occasions and not for everyday use in case they get lost.

Personalised Jewellery

Another good choice is personalised jewellery. An engraved bracelet or locket could be the perfect gift that a child will treasure for a lifetime, however, if you’re buying for somebody else’s child, always speak to the parent’s first for their approval.

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