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Birthstone myths and facts

Birthstones make a stunning centrepiece, but there is far more to them than their striking appearance in jewellery.

Often thought of as mystical, birthstones are believed to have specific qualities, which have led to the many myths surrounding them. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about these remarkable stones, here are some of the fascinating legends and facts:


Fact: think of blue gems and one of the first things that will come to mind is the sapphire. However you may not know that sapphires come in a range of gorgeous colours, including pinks and oranges.

Since they are mined in Australia, if a sapphire is your heart’s desire, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one.

Myth: sapphires were once associated with healing powers, according to It is also suggested that the sapphire represents faith, truthfulness and sincerity.


Fact: The ruby’s history goes back more than 2,000 years, and it is famed for its strength. This makes the gem a good choice if you’re looking for a stone that can bear the stresses and strains of everyday wear.

Myth: Like the sapphire, the ruby is associated with healing, but it is supposed to bestow happiness and power too. Rubies were often worn as amulets to calm the mind.


Fact: there are many different kinds of pearls, and you are probably most familiar with cultured, freshwater and black pearls. Although pearls are more often white, they actually come in a many colours, including pink and brown.

Myth: a common myth is that pearls are only found in oysters but, as explained on, pearls are also found in other sea creatures’ shells, such as clams and scallops.


Fact: the word diamond means unbreakable or indestructible and that the diamond is thought to be more than 4 billion years old is proof of its longevity.

Myth: The ancient Romans and Greeks had several unusual beliefs about the diamond. One common myth was that diamonds were formed by the tears of the gods and another was that they were stars that had fallen from the sky.


Endless myths surround birthstones, which is what makes them seem so mysterious. However, although they may not bestow the powers that some believe in and hope for, they still make a very thoughtful birthday gift.

For advice on how birthstones can produce a unique birthday gift, contact the expert team at Diamonds by Design today.

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