Most inspired designs of 2017

best jewellery designs sydney 2017 - earring trends 2017

Most inspired designs of 2017

Best Jewellery Designs in Sydney for 2017!

If one word could sum up the best jewellery designs of 2017, it would be ‘vintage’. What was old is new again! This doesn’t mean that people raided their grandmother’s collection in droves, but a lot of new pieces have been made with that old flair.

While the designs and look were vintage, the actual way that the pieces were made was of course cutting-edge. This means that amazing pieces of jewellery are being made that would look as at home in The Great Gatsby as they do in the present day.

Another unexpected U-turn in 2017 was the classic diamond almost taking a back seat as people chose bold flashes of colour in their jewellery. Eye-catching stones such as pink sapphires, rubies and aquamarines took over thanks to their colours and because they go with so many different styles of clothing and types of events.

But whereas the flashes of colour were hot, the earth-toned jewels kept everyone grounded. It was as though any imperfections in the stone would make the piece even more perfect. It confirmed what we all know already — while there are many talented jewellery designers, good old Mother Nature is still the best!

If 2016 was the year of the simple stud earring, then it’s no wonder that people wanted to go big in 2017! The drop earring made a comeback as many women wanted to add a little weight and dangle to their usual ear sparkle.

Drop earrings were also set with brightly coloured stones; gold earrings were dotted with emeralds and silver earrings with sapphires.

What trends do you think we’ll be talking about at the end of 2018? What has caught your eye so far? It’s a fabulous time for jewellery!

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