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Some of the main reasons to choose a custom-made engagement ring

Custom Made Engagement Rings Sydney

Karen has spent more than 30 years creating custom made engagement & wedding rings in Sydney. Discuss your ideas with her and let her make them into a reality!

Your treasured engagement ring is going to be the single most important piece of jewellery you will ever have, and the one that you will wear for the rest of your life. What could be better than to design this to your own specific taste, incorporating everything that symbolises your love in this one beloved piece of jewellery?

Custom-made engagement rings have always been very popular, and for good reason. Think about the following:

The personal choice when it comes to a unique design, giving you exactly what you want without having to settle for somebody else’s concept, taste or creation.

Expert advice because you will be working directly with a jeweller to create a symbol of beauty that is tailored for you and you alone. An experienced, reputable jeweller will be eager to help you to choose and design the ring of your dreams, and that will definitely help to make the experience very personal and memorable.

Savings, believe it or not! By dealing with a reputable, reliable, established jeweller direct, you can cut out the middle-man and should therefore obtain considerably better prices for the stone or stones and the workmanship. And remember, this is a ring for life.

It will be far more meaningful, because your ring will represent something which you and your fiancé have worked together to design and create. You can add any personal messages that have special meaning, such as engraved initials or a date or message, a special stone or even gold from another item of significance to one or both of you. Perhaps you would like to incorporate coloured stones in your ring, spelling out a message of love just as the Victorians used to?

The great artistic creativity and intense pleasure you will derive from achieving exactly what you want in this very special ring will make it even more an important part of your life as a couple.

Contact Karen Lindley of Diamonds by Design today. Karen has spent more than 30 years’ creating very special engagement and wedding rings. You can discuss your ideas with Karen and let her make them into a reality. It’s a joyful once-in-a-lifetime experience and you will be safe in the hands of an expert!

Custom Made Engagement Rings Sydney – Personalized Jewellery Design

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