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Bespoke Jewellery: When Words Aren’t Enough

Jewellery is often given as a declaration of love. It might be for a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a proposal, a present just to show someone that you care, a Mother’s Day gift, or an engagement ring; when you are buying jewellery as a symbol of your affections, there are several key factors that you will want to discuss with your jewellery designer.

Speak to a Gemmologistthe first meeting

The first thing your designer will want to know is who the item is for. If the person you’re buying for can’t be with you, it can be difficult to explain exactly what is desired, however, by giving the gemmologist a good idea of the person’s personality, the things they enjoy doing, their favourite type of gems, the type of jewellery they wear the most, and an idea of their favourite colours, this will help to give them a good starting point.

Choosing the Gems

Next, you will want to narrow down the type of gems that are best suited to say what you want to say. Diamonds are the obvious choice as they are a sign of eternal love, and they are suitable for every occasion, however, jewellery made from rubies, pearls, Topaz, and sapphires can be just as popular and say as much.

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing the gemstones, then speak to a gemmologist, who can give the expert advice that you’ll require.

Discuss the options

Don’t feel it is necessary to limit the jewellery gift to a ring. Although these remain one of the most popular ways of saying “I Love You” there are plenty of alternative options such as choosing a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

The choice will depend very much on the individual that you are buying for, so take note of the type of jewellery they wear the most.

Design process

The Design Process

Once you have made up your mind exactly what you want with the help of a gemmologist, it will be time to start on the design of the item of jewellery. By choosing a professional jewellery designer, who has customer service at the heart of their business, you can be certain of getting a custom piece of jewellery that would be perfect for the person you love.

Getting Started

To get started on the journey towards having your own unique piece of jewellery designed, make an appointment with a local gemmologist who can talk you through all of the above stages and create the piece your heart desires.

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