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Believe it or not: pet jewellery

Pet pampering has been taken to a whole different level: not only can you can get dresses, pyjamas and other clothing for your cats and dogs, but a wide variety of bling is now on the market. However, other types of jewellery have been designed with the animal lover in mind, like memorial pieces for your beloved pet. This article will discuss both.

Animal-themed jewellery

Animal-themed jewellery has always been fashionable. From cats and dogs to horses and panthers and even fish and snake pendants, necklaces and brooches have all targeted the pet lover. Owners love their pets, and wild animals too and the pieces have always been popular.

However, now designers create jewellery exclusively for pets. This might seem unusual, but when you consider you can find wedding dresses and entire wardrobes for dogs, perhaps it isn’t so strange after all.

Pet Jewellery

Necklaces, pendants and even ‘paw cuffs’ are offered by several retailers – and the trend doesn’t stop there. If you really want to demonstrate your love for your pet, matching necklets for owner and the pet are available too!

And if money is no object, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s plenty of luxury jewellery set with with pearls, diamonds or other precious gems available for your pet.

Memorial Jewellery

This is another type of pet jewellery altogether. Owners may have their pet’s ashes, a photograph or a clipping of fur embedded in a locket or necklace as a permanent memorial for their animal.

Several companies offer these services, but you can also commission a more personalised piece.


Jewellery is a way to satisfy the need to spoil our pets and memorial jewellery is also a fitting way to remember a much-loved companion.

For a bespoke creation, perfect for the pet lover, contact Diamonds by Design today.

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