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Questions To Ask When Looking for Jewellery Designer

Australian Jewellery Designers: How to Find the Best

Australian Jewellery Designers jeweller SydneyQuestions to ask when looking for Australian jewellery designers

A customised piece of jewellery can speak volumes about the wearer, and if you are considering approaching a jewellery designer to make a customised item of jewellery for you, then there are several questions that you’ll want to ask the jewellery designer before they start work on your unique custom piece. Detailed below are some essential questions that you need to ask.

What experience do they have?

First, you’ll want to find out about their experience. That doesn’t just mean asking how long they have worked as a gemmologist or jewellery designer, but about the gems that they specialise in. If you are looking for a truly special piece, then you might want a designer that specialises in diamonds or someone that has experience in creating the perfect ring.

Are they an established business?

Before you commit to ordering a custom item of jewellery, you’ll want to know that the gemmologist or designer is going to be there in years to come should you need to get the item repaired or restored. Find a gemmologist that has an established reputation so you know they’ll be there when you need them

Do they go the extra mile?

While some Australian jewellery designers can deliver the perfect piece of jewellery, they might not always be committed to customer service. Ideally, you’ll want someone who is known for treating their clients with special care and who is willing to do whatever it is they have to do in order to deliver the piece of jewellery that you want.

Do they listen?

If you have concerns about the process, or you aren’t entirely sure what you want, does the jewellery designer listen to your needs and make suggestions? Do they proactively encourage you to ask any questions in order to help establish what you want? If they do, then you have found yourself a great designer.

Do they let you ask questions?

If you have never had a customised piece of jewellery made before, you are sure to be intrigued by the process. Ideally, you will want a jewellery maker that is willing to talk about the process step by step so that you can fully understand it. All good Australian jewellery designers will be happy to talk to you about what is involved and they won’t mind people asking questions about the process either.


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