Ancient jewellery that could easily be mistaken for modern

Portrait of young brunette woman with vintage silver diamond pendant jewelry and earrings on black background

Ancient jewellery that could easily be mistaken for modern

The experts at Christies say ancient jewellery is back in fashion, especially at auction where it is reaching considerable prices.

One recent example is the Byzantine openwork gold bracelet that sold at Christies in 2016 for over US$8,000. This beautiful bracelet dated back to 4-5 AD and was engraved gold set with seven pink tourmaline gems.

Despite its age, the bracelet does not look out of place now as intricate engraving, delicate carvings and carefully chosen gems are still a major part of today’s jewellery trends.

And there are many other styles in ancient jewellery that could easily be mistaken for modern, such as:

Bead necklaces – These became especially popular among the Ancient Romans and Greeks. The beads were often made of glass, a material still often used for necklaces.

Bead necklaces come in many variations and can be anything from fun and flirtatious to sophisticated and classy. An advantage is they start at extremely affordable prices and are within most people’s budgets.

Multi-strand necklaces are by no means a new trend. They are definitely fashionable and regularly worn by celebrities in fashion shows and magazines.

The multi-strand necklace was part of Egyptian culture, and the beads were usually of lapis lazuli, which was held in great regard.

Now many retailers – from high-end designers to more affordable chain stores –emulate this style. And, centuries later, lapis is still used in multi-strand designs and so are colourful glass beads.

Big stones – the gemstone ring dates back to ancient times, when big bold stones were already in fashion and it was not unusual for a ring to have a large centre stone. This style continues to be worn today.


Modern jewellers often take inspiration from the past. The jewellery that you see in the stores today is frequently based on antique styles, but with a new twist to bring it up to date.

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