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Amazing jewellery found in the strangest places

if you are one of those people who have always dreamed of finding something valuable at a swap meet, a car boot sale or when you are treasuring hunting, then you might find the following stories an inspiration.

In 2009, metal detector Mary Hannaby discovered a gold pendant that depicted the crucifixion of Jesus. Initially, the British Museum valued the pendant at £4000, but after seeking a second opinion from the auction house Sotheby’s it was given much higher value of £250,000. When the pendant went to auction, it didn’t quite reach the expected price; although bidding reached £38,000, it went unsold.

In 2013, David Taylor, a 42-year-old from Ireland, found that an old metal piece that he had discovered in a field was actually a piece of Roman jewellery. According to the UK Treasure Valuation Committee, the ring could date back as far as 950 AD. The ring is made from 90% silver, and while it is considered an unusual find, it has been difficult to put a price on it.

A broken watch that was purchased for just £10 at a car boot sale in Cheshire was later found to be a valuable Rolex, which was only given out to Italian Navy divers who fought in the Second World War. It was created by an Italian company called Panerai and it eventually sold for £55,000 at an auction.

A scrap metal dealer brought a Faberge egg at an antique market for $14,000, which also featured a Vacheron Constantin gold watch, with the idea of melting it down. However, after carrying out some research online the dealer realised it was a missing Faberge egg, and it came with an estimated price tag of an incredible $33 million.

The next time you are at a swap meet, yard sale or antiques market, look out for unusual items that are affordable and trust your instinct – the item you pick up for a few dollars could be worth a small fortune.

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