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Affordability of Custom Jewellery

A lot of people might consider that an item of custom jewellery is out of their reach pricewise, however, it is much more affordable than many believe.
As you’ll be buying a unique piece, it is reasonable to expect to pay more than you would for a low cost, mass-produced item, however, when compared to some designer brands of jewellery, a custom item can be cheaper. Moreover, you’ll have the added bonus that it hasn’t been mass produced and it will be a bespoke one-off piece that is ideally suited for your wants and needs.

What can you expect to pay?

A custom item of jewellery can cost anything from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars.

Factors determining the cost

Many different factors will determine the cost of your custom jewellery. These include:

  • The materials used. Are you considering going with silver or gold or something less pure? The metal you choose will all add to the total. The cost of the gemstones used will also be a factor in the price you pay.
  • Labour is another factor to consider. If you have opted for an extremely intricate design, which will take much longer to complete, it will cost more.
  • The expertise of the gemmologist creating your piece will also influence the price you pay.

Guidelines for buying an affordable piece of custom jewellery

  • Most gemmologists will be happy to provide a free quote; seek advice first and get some quotes to get an idea of the cost. This will enable you to compare the prices with a designer piece of jewellery, and it is likely you’ll find the bespoke piece is often cheaper.
  • Only choose a professional who has a proven track record for taking pride in their craftsmanship, and who is happy to answer all of your questions and provide guidance.
  • Don’t be tempted to go on cost alone. When you are purchasing a piece of custom jewellery, you are also paying for the expertise that goes into creating it, and it is always worthwhile to pay a little bit more
  • Trust the expertise of your gemmologist and let them create the perfect piece. If you have your heart set on a custom design – but it seems too expensive – ask your gemmologist if they can find ways to make it more cost effective.
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