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How to reset jewellery you have inherited

Jewellery Design, Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery Remodelling Sydney It’s a touchy subject, jewellery you have inherited — on the one hand you may feel tremendously sensitive about the person who loved and left it to you, and very grateful, and on the other the piece may not be something you would normally wear or even appreciate. But there is a … Continue reading How to reset jewellery you have inherited

Engagement ring trends

Diamonds Sydney, Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings Sydney An engagement ring is absolutely the ultimate symbol of love, promise and commitment! There is nothing more personal, and it eventually becomes a symbol of who you are. So your ring really has to reflect your personality and style — and who you are. Here are the most important trends for … Continue reading Engagement ring trends

Coloured diamonds

Diamonds Sydney, Jewellery Design

Coloured Diamonds Sydney There are yellow, champagne, green, orange, pink, red, brown, blue and black diamonds, all rare, valuable and highly desirable, but the rarest and most valuable colours are the saturated pinks, blues and greens. Pink For the past 30 years, almost all pink diamonds have come from the Argyle Diamond mine in the … Continue reading Coloured diamonds