Diamonds by Design At Diamonds by Design we custom design and create fine jewellery just for you from diamonds, opals, gems and pearls ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. For 28 years our bespoke jewellery, diamond engagement rings has delighted Sydney's discerning buyers.
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February 2018

The Latest in Australian High Fashion Jewellery

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Australia Jewellery Designers – Latest Fashion Trends! Australia has a thriving creative scene. Jewellery designers like Samantha Wills are well known around the world, and independent designers are using social media to establish themselves and build up an audience. The one thing that connects both established jewellers and up-and-coming independent designers is their ability to design … Continue reading The Latest in Australian High Fashion Jewellery

The Most Amazing Blue Diamonds and Who Owns Them

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Top 4 Expensive Diamonds & Their Famous Owners Sought-after gems often go for extraordinary prices at auction. And over the years there have been some notable surprises. For instance, blue and pink diamonds have regularly exceeded expectations and sold for millions. Read on to find out about some of the most expensive gems in the … Continue reading The Most Amazing Blue Diamonds and Who Owns Them

Earrings and Necklaces that Flatter!

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Sydney Earrings & Necklace Jewellery Guide When you’re shopping for jewellery, you might opt for what’s in fashion and the best quality for the price you can afford. And while these are important considerations, there’s sometimes a missing ingredient: which designs are most flattering for a particular face shape? If you struggle to find the right … Continue reading Earrings and Necklaces that Flatter!