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Alternative Wedding Ring Materials

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Wedding rings are usually made of noble metals such as platinum, white or yellow gold or sterling silver. However you don’t have to be traditional; there are plenty of other choices. Here are some if you are looking for something a little different. Melted Down Heirlooms If you want a way of keeping history in … Continue reading Alternative Wedding Ring Materials

Themed Wedding Bands

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If you’re a fan of blockbuster movies or gripped by classic TV shows like Star Trek, you might want to reflect this in your choice of wedding band. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to select a themed wedding band – or geek wedding bands as they are commonly called – and there’s … Continue reading Themed Wedding Bands

Strange Engagement Ring stories

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Getting engaged and being given an engagement ring is one of the most romantic moments of a person’s life, but as with everything else, that special moment doesn’t always go the plan. In this blog post, you’ll read some fine examples of proposals gone wrong, but like any good movie, it nearly always works out … Continue reading Strange Engagement Ring stories

Tradition: Generational Engagement Rings

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As noted in the New York Times recently, the young are realising just how meaningful and romantic engagement rings that have been in the family can be. It was once traditional to spend a substantial sum of money on a new engagement ring, but that is considered old-fashioned now and everyone understands the value of … Continue reading Tradition: Generational Engagement Rings

Refurbishing an antique ring

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Many people discard antique heirlooms or leave them at the back of a drawer because they aren’t in good enough condition to wear. However, with the help of a gemmologist an antique ring can be refurbished and restored to its original state using the original techniques and materials wherever possible so that restoration is sympathetic. … Continue reading Refurbishing an antique ring