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Wedding bands made from multiple metals

Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Jewellery Design

Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium and rose gold are commonly used to create wedding bands, but a growing trend is to use multiple metals to create an eye-catching style that is unique to the wearer. However, aside from creating a unique style, there is another reason why you might want to opt for multiple … Continue reading Wedding bands made from multiple metals

Sporting Jewellery Rings

Engagement Rings, Jewellery Design

It has long been traditional to hand out jewellery to a victorious sporting team. These mementoes are used as souvenirs of an often hard won victory; they make some spectacular looking jewellery as well, and the rings often combine diamonds and classic gems. Here is a look at some of the most famous sporting jewellery … Continue reading Sporting Jewellery Rings

Wonderful Victorian Mourning Jewellery

Diamond Rings, Jewellery Industry

During Victorian times, there was a particular procedure families were expected to follow when they had suffered a loss, especially among the wealthiest. Those who were left behind were expected to dress a certain way to show their grief, but it was also common practice for people who had lost a loved one to wear … Continue reading Wonderful Victorian Mourning Jewellery