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What the “cut of the diamond” should represent to the recipient?

Jewellery Design

It’s not just the colour of the stone or how many carats your diamond has that you need to consider. The cut of the diamond is every bit as important and each cut represents something different. If you’re not sure which to choose to give to your recipient, this article features some of the main … Continue reading What the “cut of the diamond” should represent to the recipient?

Three Famous cursed rings

Diamond Rings

Throughout history, there have been many tales of cursed rings. Whether any of these stories are true will be difficult to prove, but they have provided people with something to pique their interest and give them something to talk about. Here are three of the highest profile stories about cursed rings that have surfaced in … Continue reading Three Famous cursed rings

Then and now. What jewellery says about a person.

Diamond Rings, Jewellery Design

Throughout history, jewellery has been worn to represent us as a person and to convey our inner most feelings. Until this day, jewellery has always been about symbolism, and it also speaks volumes about a person’s social status. Here, we look at some of the key periods of history and what jewellery said about the … Continue reading Then and now. What jewellery says about a person.

Space diamonds

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It was once a popular myth that the stars in the night sky were made of diamonds. While this obviously isn’t true, this doesn’t mean diamonds can’t be found far beyond the skies, and it wasn’t that long ago that a huge diamond was found in space. Travis Metcalfe, an astronomer from Harvard Smithsonian Centre … Continue reading Space diamonds