Diamonds by Design At Diamonds by Design we custom design and create fine jewellery just for you from diamonds, opals, gems and pearls ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. For 28 years our bespoke jewellery, diamond engagement rings has delighted Sydney's discerning buyers.
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Affordability of Custom Jewellery

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A lot of people might consider that an item of custom jewellery is out of their reach pricewise, however, it is much more affordable than many believe. As you’ll be buying a unique piece, it is reasonable to expect to pay more than you would for a low cost, mass-produced item, however, when compared to … Continue reading Affordability of Custom Jewellery

Buying Kids Jewellery

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Most children like emulating adults and this can often mean they like to copy what their elders are wearing right down to finer accessories such as jewellery. However, as it can be difficult to choose the perfect piece, this article will help give you some guidance when it comes to buying jewellery for children. Safety … Continue reading Buying Kids Jewellery

Coloured gems and their story

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Each gem has its own unique story behind it. If you have ever wondered about the history of some of the best-known gems, you’ll find a brief history of diamonds, topaz, opal, amethyst and emeralds here. Diamond The word ‘diamond’ has its origins in ancient Greece, where it means ‘unbreakable’. It is believed that the … Continue reading Coloured gems and their story