Diamonds by Design At Diamonds by Design we custom design and create fine jewellery just for you from diamonds, opals, gems and pearls ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. For 28 years our bespoke jewellery, diamond engagement rings has delighted Sydney's discerning buyers.
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November 2013

What is Bespoke Jewellery?

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Jewellery Design Sydney – Bespoke Jewellery Customized jewellery design in Sydney? Why not? Sometimes, you don’t want to buy an item of jewellery from off the shelf. There isn’t anything unique about jewellery like that, and although it can look great, it might not say anything about you. Ideally, you want a piece of jewellery … Continue reading What is Bespoke Jewellery?

Love Your Custom Jewellery for Its Ethics

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The more consumers become aware of how items are produced, the more they tend to look towards ethical means of buying products. The same can be said for jewellery. While many people want a diamond ring or the perfect necklace, they also want to know that people’s rights have not be violated and that the … Continue reading Love Your Custom Jewellery for Its Ethics

Jewellery Designed Just for You

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 Personalized Custom Jewellery – Sydney, Australia At Diamonds by Design, our customers want something that is designed especially for them, and we create custom jewellery in Sydney just for them! They want a piece of jewellery that not only looks good, but something that reflects their personally, makes a statement, and that says something about … Continue reading Jewellery Designed Just for You